3 Laws 1 Heart Logo

3 Laws 1 Heart Logo

The Trillium photo was photographed by my friend, companion and wife, Julie in the summer of 2008 outside our home on the Bruce Peninsula in the northern part of Southwestern Ontario, Canada

The Trillium is the Flower of Ontario,  Canada and was chosen to represent the Canadian reflection of the Laws of Attraction to provide a more regional expression which perhaps will resonate more with Canadians and Ontarians than other parts of the world.

It’s 3 white petals represent the pure energy of each of the 3 Primary Universal Laws- Attraction, Creation and Allowing.  The Yellow stamens in the centre represent the Vibrational Source Energy of which we all are and through which we are all connected to each other and  the Universe.  The Heart represents our inner guidance system (intuition) as we journey through this life time frame and as a symbol of Love throughout the world.

About the Author:

Coach Dan
Coach Dan

Born three years after World War II, and raised in Southern Ontario, I was one of six children, in an era where post war attitudes were of relief and abundance.  However, that abundance progressively became  diminished as the quality of life was rising due to expanded industrial revolution.  More and more gadgets, television, radio, stereos, things that were making life more comfortable, were also a drain on the labour force’s disposable income.  Larger families were doing their best to provide food, clothing, education and shelter and a snippet of some of those gadgets with the mindset of the day, just be happy to have a job.  Those with money and business, were happy to engage the everyday people to contribute to their bottom line and took advantage of the skills of their employees for the most part.  Though we did not have a lot, that which we did have was treasured and I am so grateful for all that I was blessed with.

I was one who always questioned why things were done the way they were.  “Just Because” was not an answer I could accept .  I was constantly stepping outside of the status quo not willing to accept the attitude of the day.  I learned much through testing life itself.  At the same time, constantly was being bombarded with the opinions of the circles of the day that you will never make anything of yourself, you can’t do that, you should just accept the fact that you are going nowhere.  In my own way, carving my way through the jungle of life, I still continued to explore new desires and goals and was successful in many ways.  I still had this one thing that kept me from becoming my whole self and it took many lessons to learn that.  The greatest one to learn was to be independent of the good opinion of others especially those so close to you that you desire to hurt the least… family, spouse, children.  In the end, not stepping into my ‘own’ so to speak, did hurt them, because I was getting despondent feeling trapped, unfulfilled, and eventually having to give it up to find some peace.

I was a great coach, teacher, facilitator in the sports arena and on the job.  I was great at creating systems and programs to help others however, I seemed to fail when it came to family.  I was continually assuming the responsibility for their decisions and that became overwhelm for me.  I always felt that I was responsible for their happiness in life and when I wasn’t able to do that, I felt less than enough and it tore me apart inside.  At the same time, their dependency on me to provide their happiness was so strong that when I chose no longer to be responsible, I created ripples.  Since then, I have spent my efforts at helping them to seek their own happiness from within and be independent of others to provide it.

Creating this website is my avenue to help others do the same.  Become independent of others making you happy and go after that for yourself in a way that can enhance those closest to you and share the joy of life with them.

Hopefully this site will help you to expand your insight to become more aware of who you really are beyond this suit of flesh.  We all are more than that which we see in the mirror each day.  By grasping that concept, the universe can provide so much more than our own conscious thinking can conceive in any given moment, yet it is that one moment we pay attention to that enables us to receive all that we desire by building momentum moment by moment.

When you take back your own divine power, you become empowered to be, have and do anything you put your mind to… anything.  When you master your thoughts and change or challenge old beliefs, which are merely thoughts, you can then transcend that concept of living and go beyond.  The Universe awaits!

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