Dec 312011

The traditional goal setting techniques tend to push your way toward what you want to achieve while the alternative is to have the desired end result pull you toward it. The difference is in your ability to stay motivated and enjoy the journey letting the “how” unfold to you as you progress.


Why Me?

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Dec 172010

Why Me, we ask when undesirable circumstances hit?  Why does this happen to me all the time?  These statements trigger our brains to find answers.  Often we conclude, I am not good enough, or I can never be who I want to be or some other negative statement supporting the situation.  These are poor questions, […]

Nov 012010

Hallowe’en in retrospect.  Hmmm.  I haven’t participated in the last 4 seasons of the event strictly by nature of the remoteness of our home.  There are no children within the proximity and only a half dozen adults in their autumn of life and so the trick or treat aspect is absent.  I did however, go […]

Oct 302010

Is Daylight Savings a Myth?  I wonder.  How much daylight did you save?  I wasn’t able to capture any for my savings.  While we are now under a new daylight savings schedule which happens  to end next week for this year, the first Sunday in November, the traditional used to happen on the last Sunday […]

Sep 252010

Ah! Fall equinox.  I tend to view it as the midpoint of coming down from a wonderful event(summer,party) where we know that we are unable to as humans, sustain the high for a long period of time.  In the coming down of things, the reflection of joy of the party is what we take away […]

Aug 152010

Subliminal messaging has been around for about 60 years or so.  While I am not sure who discovered it, I do know that Dr. Jose Silva did a lot of experimenting with it.  I also know that the governments of North America put restrictions on its usage in advertising so as not to falsely con […]



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Aug 092010

Breakthrough your toughest circumstance with a change of view on your outlook on that circumstance.  Tony Robbins has been working diligently on a half dozen television shows over the last year in conjunction with the NBC network in the USA.  Two of the six shows aired over the last couple weeks and reached six million […]

Jul 022010

Finding time to meditate can be daunting and perhaps a reason or excuse for not being consistent at doing it.  It struck me the other day, while listening to the Silva Ultra Mind System, when the facilitator suggested that one remain in bed after awakening for an extra 5 minutes to go to level and […]

Dec 262009

Christmas has passed once again.  The season is still alive and ongoing, but the big day has taken it’s course.  For many, Christmas is not joyful and perhaps my message is for them.  We are where we are each moment of each day because of the choices we have made in the past.  Whether we […]

Nov 082009

Keeping it simple is the key to engaging all the benefits of the source energy that manifests those things we desire including the intangible.  I have found that so many are caught up in the Laws of Attraction phenomena that it is hard work for them.  I do realize that the process of changing our […]