Feb 162009

Our government has declared today as Family Day in Canada.  Its intention was to provide a holiday in the period of winter blues to provide an opportunity for the labour force to recharge their batteries with family, so to speak.  Certainly we all need to take a break and this is a great opportunity!  So, […]

Feb 142009

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I started this post late today as I spent most of the day having fun and balancing it with my sweetheart.  It is great to get off the computer for a day, well almost, and just enjoy life. We were united through the Law of Attraction and so many co-created things have […]


Limiting Beliefs

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Feb 112009

What is a limiting belief?  Beliefs can only be limiting if they prevent us from breaking the mold so to speak.  As Henry Ford said ” Whether you think you are right or whether you think you are wrong, you are right”.  Your beliefs are yours.  They may resonate with others and most likely do, […]

Feb 102009

Finding fault.  This is a major belief system many have and don’t recognize.  When something doesn’t go right, do you blame someone or something?  Do you get angry?  Here’s a common one, do you blame your employer because you don’t make enough money to pay the bills and have some left over for extra spending?  […]

Feb 092009

Your subconscious mind had been filled with beliefs through conditioning all your life.  It is said that the vibration of belief actually starts in the womb.  Knowing that everyone who has had an influence on you through out your life, you can begin to understand what has molded you to what you believe today.  To […]


3 Laws 1 Heart

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Jan 302009

3 Laws 1 Heart evolved from my studies and research over the last 16 years and the book ” The Law of Attraction – The Basics of the  Teachings of Abraham -by Esther and Jerry Hicks”.  The three Universal Laws that affect people’s lives are relatively simple and as a fundamentalist, I found them most […]