Feb 142009

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I started this post late today as I spent most of the day having fun and balancing it with my sweetheart.  It is great to get off the computer for a day, well almost, and just enjoy life. We were united through the Law of Attraction and so many co-created things have […]

Jan 312009

The Law of Attraction definition was in my last post.  This being the very first law, for the benefit of new viewers, this message will begin the explanation of what it really means.  Firstly, we, being an energy source, send vibrations or signals all the time through our thoughts and emotions.  When we are in […]


3 Laws 1 Heart

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Jan 302009

3 Laws 1 Heart evolved from my studies and research over the last 16 years and the book ” The Law of Attraction – The Basics of the  Teachings of Abraham -by Esther and Jerry Hicks”.  The three Universal Laws that affect people’s lives are relatively simple and as a fundamentalist, I found them most […]