Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Where do I start?

A.    Start with your feelings right now.  What about your feelings brings you down?  What would be a better thought right now?  Think of one happy moment in your life.  Then another and another.  As the thoughts of happy moments linger, other thoughts will come to you.

Q.    How do I find a job?

A.    Most people go looking for a job because they need a paycheque.  They don’t pay attention at the interview about the job description because they are so happy to have one.  Nervous anxiety takes over and they agree to everything the interviewer has to say.  Before you go looking for a job, take the time to dream about the job or career you want.  If you are not sure and have had other jobs, take a sheet of paper and on the left side, write down everything you didn’t like about it or them.  On the right side, write down everything you did like, or what would be better than the item you didn’t like.  When done, review your right side and see if there is anything else you would like to add and then cut the left side off and trash it.

Now you know what to look for in a job or career and those jobs will jump out at you from the classifieds or online job search.  You will have some keywords to search for.

Q.    I don’t have the skills for the job I want.  What do I do?

A.    Check your employment services to see if they have any training programs or check potential employers and ask them where to go to upgrade your skills.  If you are keen, they may even help you as you work for them.  Check out the internet. You can get a university education online free if you keep looking for the information that will make you an expert at what you want to do.

Q.    How do I stop attracting all this stuff I don’t want?

A.    Start focusing on things you do want.  Ask yourself what would make you feel good right now.  If you are attracting all the wrong people, write down the kind of people or character traits you would like to attract.

Q.    How do I find peace of mind?

A.    Peace of mind can be found by simply daydreaming, getting quiet and focus on your breathing, walk with nature, sit by a stream and just watch the water flow, sit on a beach and just take it in.  These are all forms of meditation.  They allow your mind to rest from the turmoil of thoughts.

Q.    How can I find peace with my relations?

A.    If you want peace, want it more for those around you.

Q.    How can I be happy?

A.    If you want to be happy, go within.  You create your own perception of happiness from within.  The things out there may create a joyous feeling, only if you are able to feel happiness without them.  Otherwise you will tire of them and be back in the same unhappy state.  Do something for someone with no expectations of getting anything from them.  If they offer, ask them to pay it forward.