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Hallowe’en in retrospect.  Hmmm.  I haven’t participated in the last 4 seasons of the event strictly by nature of the remoteness of our home.  There are no children within the proximity and only a half dozen adults in their autumn of life and so the trick or treat aspect is absent.  I did however, go outside around 9 pm  and let out a loud “BBBOOOOOOO” to frighten off the racoons and bear!  I even heard the echo!

With the helter-skelter lifestyles we live, I think it is such a great opportunity to dress up and put on a mask and return to that childhood wonder.  The make-believe of it all tends to welcome a relief that otherwise might not happen.  On the other hand, handing out treats and asking for tricks from the youngsters and adults alike is rewarding as we take the time out of our hurry-scurry lives to focus on some fun and the process of giving.

Watching children assessing their gains was a favourite of mine.  When my youngsters would come home and celebrate their wins and compare each others intake.  The questions that would pop up!  Where did you get that candy, I didn’t get one of those?  I’ll trade you this for that!  I didn’t go there, there were too many lined up, I didn’t want to wait that long.  Oh, the sacrifices they made.  All in fun of a night of adventure.

I also remember having fun as an adult.  One time I snuck out of the house with nothing but shoes, socks, a mask and an overcoat.  I came to the front door of our house, rang the doorbell and my wife appeared.  It was then I opened the coat and flashed her and the look on her face was priceless!  She slammed the door shut and called the neighbour immediately to express her astonishment.  Meanwhile, I snuck back into the house and dressed as if nothing had happened.  What fun that was playing the part.

Another time I dressed in a Panda Bear outfit, one my wife had made out of fur coats.  Apart from being the warmest costume I ever wore, I had fun with the neighbours trying to figure out who it was.  The first year I dressed up, one neighbour went into panic and locked all the doors and wouldn’t let me in!  As I circled the neighbourhood to return home, I was unable to enter my house as that neighbour was visiting my wife and telling all about this frightening bear!  Of course, my wife was choking up inside with laughter because she knew who the bear was, but never revealed anything.  The next year, I again approached the same neighbour only this time with a note pinned to the front…  ‘just a beer’.  I was invited in and the investigation of who I was took place over the next hour.  Drinking the beer with a straw was another experience.  I left unidentified and paved the way for another year of mystery!

The following year I appeared again.  This time it  would take 2 hours sipping a 100-proof rum and coke through a straw and finally, so warm inside I had to reveal.  We enjoyed another hour of fun after that.  The reminiscing of the previous two years capped it all off.  I have many wonderful memories of having fun disguised as something else.  The mystery of keeping your identity a secret amongst those who know you is such fun.

I noticed through Facebook last night, many were commenting while still preparing for the night of adventure, that once Hallowe’en was over, they could begin to focus on Christmas preparations.  It is so good that people are looking forward to that next opportunity to bring joy to their lives.

Like Christmas time though, we do not have to wait for that special time of year to let our hair down and have fun.  Make it a daily ritual in some way or another and see how much brighter your world can become if only for a few moments at a time.  The more we do this, the more we allow ourselves the opportunity and the more opportunity we give ourselves, the more we will do it and before you know it, your whole outlook on life will change.

Have fun without the mask everyday.  Show up who you really are!  Care to share an experience you had in the comments?

Until next time….


Dan Carpenter

Dan lives in rural Ontario, Canada, helping people world-wide find the key to open their door of opportunity to create the dreams and life passions using strategic customized processes. With a diverse background in Coaching, Business, Consulting, Sport and Energy therapies, Dan creates an experience enabling others to enjoy abundance and share their gift to the world.

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