Keeping It Simple

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Nov 082009

Keeping it simple is the key to engaging all the benefits of the source energy that manifests those things we desire including the intangible.  I have found that so many are caught up in the Laws of Attraction phenomena that it is hard work for them.  I do realize that the process of changing our thinking patterns takes much out of us sometimes, however, it isn’t making a to-do list type of process.

Absorb the learning techniques and just apply in the now, this moment, and if one would just stop themselves in the moment of anxiety or fear and test the feeling they have in their heart (or gut), their heart will tell them whether they are on track or not.  We only need to remember that an upstream battle doesn’t feel good and thus creates resistance to that which we desire and that downstream provides relief and opens the door to accepting those things we previously created or desired.

It is in the downstream mindset that we notice our natural states of gratitude and happiness.  These states are where all our creative and manifesting powers are.  These states are where it is all at.  It is here that we can be at peace no matter what is on our plates.  I don’t live in a fantasy world, nor have I yet manifested all that I desire, but in my day to day moments, I am at peace regardless of the physical task at hand.

In the process of personally physically building an addition to our home I have many tasks that need to be done and daily I try to make a to-do list of those things that need to be done in a certain order to complete the project.  There are many that are less desirable than others and as I gradually complete each task, I merely move onto the next in a peaceful approach and they seem so much less challenging than my old approach.

Make an effort to learn to make each moment peaceful and the happiness will begin to show up and those desires will also begin to appear.

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Dan Carpenter

Dan lives in rural Ontario, Canada, helping people world-wide find the key to open their door of opportunity to create the dreams and life passions using strategic customized processes. With a diverse background in Coaching, Business, Consulting, Sport and Energy therapies, Dan creates an experience enabling others to enjoy abundance and share their gift to the world.

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