Limiting Beliefs

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Feb 112009

What is a limiting belief?  Beliefs can only be limiting if they prevent us from breaking the mold so to speak.  As Henry Ford said ” Whether you think you are right or whether you think you are wrong, you are right”.  Your beliefs are yours.  They may resonate with others and most likely do, since our influences have come from a close knit community in our forefathers.  Holding onto all of them will keep you where you are.

What is it that I need to address to keep from recycling?  Face the fear of stepping out of your comfort zoneAllow yourself to take a step in a new direction or approach to what you love to do.  As long as you keep trying to figure out where you went wrong, you will stay in the cycle of repeating.  It is history and doesn’t matter anymore.

Everything you do, is in this “moment” and that is all that matters.  In this “moment”, you can decide to continue what you are doing because you love to do it, or you can decide to start doing what you love to do.  When you do what you love to do, it will provide value or benefit to others.  When you can adopt this new belief, everything will start to change.  It matters not what you do!  It matters that you love whatever you do.  Therein lies fulfilment.  Within the Law of Allowing, allowing yourself and allowing others that which is desired, not everyone will want to enjoy your talents and that is okay, for there are enough people who will want to enjoy them.

Some of those who decline your talents today, may entertain them in the future and that is okay too.  If in the process of a decline, taking the attitude of “perhaps in the future“, will prepave that opportunity in the future and will eliminate a negative attitude on your part from the decline.  You are then in an upbeat mood to share your talents with those who do want to enjoy them.  So choose… “from this moment forward….”

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Dan Carpenter

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