Mar 182012

I just finished reading Neale Donald Walsch’s March 15, 2012 Post on his Global Conversation- Creating a new Perspective on Money.  It is a site where he is encouraging conversation to resolve our global issues dealing with economics, education, government and life itself.  In his latest book, “The Storm Before the Calm” he poses 7 questions to be considered in the global conversation toward a resolution.

Here is my take on Money:

Money as I have been told to believe is used as an exchange of value between participants of the exchange to balance a scale.  The problem I have is “who determines what the value is of the exchange?”  That, I believe is the source of the money problems we have today.  The old “he who holds the gold makes the rules” has been so inbred that we have come to value human contribution by a monetary value rather than a humanitarian value and thus some humans are perceived more valuable than others.

Since not everyone will want the same things in life the opportunity to express one’s self with their own contribution toward improving and sustaining life would unfold miracles.  What technologies are being withheld that would make life for all humankind easier if the dollar was taken off the table?  What technologies are being ignored because the cost of bringing them to fruition is judged based on return on investment rather than the humanitarian value?

What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about the basic fundamentals of life?  Food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, education, energy, and medicine.  If these were available to all, would: Farmers still farm?  Teachers still teach?, Artists still paint?, Songwriters still write?, Pilots fly planes?, Film-makers still film?, Doctors still practice healing?, Hairstylist still cut hair?.

Of course they would and with greater commitment than ever, at least in my humbled opinion.

Would you still do what you are doing if money was taken off the table?  Leave a comment.

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Dan Carpenter

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