Apr 222009

Oh, the joys of Spring!  Almost everyone I know is on an up-beat these days with the promise of re-birth of nature as the trees and flowers and birds and wildlife begin to appear from winter’s dormancy.  The desire to clean up after winter’s nap is almost like jumping in the shower in the morning after rising.  We need to be aware at this time of year not to get so pre-occupied with all the things we want to do and take the time to enjoy every moment of all that we do do.  That is the journey of happiness and joy that we all seek.  Its not about how much we get done, but rather how much we enjoy that which we do.

I have been pre-occupied somewhat in research of the process of EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the degree of what happens to people either in the attempts to self process versus getting an experienced practitioner to assist.  Currently there is an EFT World Summit where 18 experts in the field of energy healing are giving their methods and input from their experiences in the art of EFT.  Quite interesting with the different approaches and I believe once I have gone through them all, I will be able to put together a process culminating all the best parts as I see it for you to adopt and/or modify to suit your approach.  I am noticing some areas where some logical improvement can be made and perhaps provide a more consistent approach to our well being, marrying the 3 Laws 1 Heart concept of the Laws of Attraction together with EFT.

That of course is not to imply that those experts are wrong in their methods by any means.  They certainly have found a mechanism that is producing results they seek.  This opportunity is great in that it is similar to the improvement on airplanes.  Once more people who are convinced they fly, more people attempt to make the experience even greater and improve upon another’s findings.  That is what life is all about in our earthly human experience anyway.  So not only am I excited about the evolutionary process of the Laws of Attraction, using EFT as an effective tool to go beyond our wildest dreams is even more exciting.

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Dan Carpenter

Dan lives in rural Ontario, Canada, helping people world-wide find the key to open their door of opportunity to create the dreams and life passions using strategic customized processes. With a diverse background in Coaching, Business, Consulting, Sport and Energy therapies, Dan creates an experience enabling others to enjoy abundance and share their gift to the world.

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