Dec 312011

The traditional goal setting techniques tend to push your way toward what you want to achieve while the alternative is to have the desired end result pull you toward it. The difference is in your ability to stay motivated and enjoy the journey letting the “how” unfold to you as you progress.


Why Me?

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Dec 172010

Why Me, we ask when undesirable circumstances hit?  Why does this happen to me all the time?  These statements trigger our brains to find answers.  Often we conclude, I am not good enough, or I can never be who I want to be or some other negative statement supporting the situation.  These are poor questions, […]

Jan 312010

About those New Year’s Resolutions!  So, are you still following through with them or have some been tossed aside?  With the Laws of attraction, you attract that which you focus upon.  If the resolutions were important to you at the time you made them, are they still important now?  If they are important and you […]

Nov 082009

Keeping it simple is the key to engaging all the benefits of the source energy that manifests those things we desire including the intangible.  I have found that so many are caught up in the Laws of Attraction phenomena that it is hard work for them.  I do realize that the process of changing our […]

Oct 042009

Newbies: Where to start!  Well at the beginning, of course.  LOL  I was in the book store the other day looking to see what was new in their store.  All the new books or most of them anyway are on Amazon first usually.  However, not everyone buys or browses Amazon for their books.  I live […]

Feb 232009

Attitude management and thought management are one in the same.  I, however, consider the term “attitude adjustment”  a tad harsh for most situations.  When someone is told they need an attitude adjustment it is usually in a condescending tone.  Hence, it becomes offensive and people resist or defend their situation compounding the initial intent.  So, […]


Limiting Beliefs

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Feb 112009

What is a limiting belief?  Beliefs can only be limiting if they prevent us from breaking the mold so to speak.  As Henry Ford said ” Whether you think you are right or whether you think you are wrong, you are right”.  Your beliefs are yours.  They may resonate with others and most likely do, […]

Feb 102009

Finding fault.  This is a major belief system many have and don’t recognize.  When something doesn’t go right, do you blame someone or something?  Do you get angry?  Here’s a common one, do you blame your employer because you don’t make enough money to pay the bills and have some left over for extra spending?  […]

Feb 092009

Your subconscious mind had been filled with beliefs through conditioning all your life.  It is said that the vibration of belief actually starts in the womb.  Knowing that everyone who has had an influence on you through out your life, you can begin to understand what has molded you to what you believe today.  To […]