Dec 262009

Christmas has passed once again.  The season is still alive and ongoing, but the big day has taken it’s course.  For many, Christmas is not joyful and perhaps my message is for them.  We are where we are each moment of each day because of the choices we have made in the past.  Whether we […]

Nov 082009

Keeping it simple is the key to engaging all the benefits of the source energy that manifests those things we desire including the intangible.  I have found that so many are caught up in the Laws of Attraction phenomena that it is hard work for them.  I do realize that the process of changing our […]

Oct 042009

Newbies: Where to start!  Well at the beginning, of course.  LOL  I was in the book store the other day looking to see what was new in their store.  All the new books or most of them anyway are on Amazon first usually.  However, not everyone buys or browses Amazon for their books.  I live […]

Sep 192009

Well, it has been a fine summer for the most part.  I have been really busy with my manifestation of a new addition to our home here in the northern part of South Ontario.  The weather has been cooler and more rain than usual however it has had much to be pleased about. The season […]


Are We There Yet?

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May 062009

Are we there yet?  You’ve heard it often from kids in a car while on a trip they are anxiously awaiting arrival.  We hear the comedy version on TV too.  Does the phrase resonate with you?  Are you saying the same thing silently to yourself on those things you are wanting?  These days can be […]

Mar 012009

Your fountain of youth lies within, rather than ‘out there’.  I just did a Google search for this topic and there were 1,470,000 references.  Scientists have declared on one blog site that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that the pills and meds on the market today actually reverse aging.  It is a mystery why […]