The Gift of You

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Mar 052011

The Gift of You! What? You say! The gift of ME? Yes, you are a gift to the world.  Most of us don’t think of ourselves that way.  We have been taught to put people in a hierarchy where others based on what they do in life, as greater or lesser than that which we do.

I’d like to suggest a different perspective.  The major component of acquiring abundance, is appreciating the abundance we already have.  As we do that, we begin to see more of it in our experience.  Like attracts like.  I write this post triggered by an email I received from my sister the other day.

The email was one of forwarded content(like who doesn’t get those, right?) that was beating up our government about all the money being spent outside our country while not looking after our own citizens first.  The example was that our senior citizens receiving Canada Pension, received an increase in November 2010 of $3.11.  This amount would buy a loaf of bread and at one slice a day, would not last a month.  The article targeted many other inefficiencies to emphasize our elected body’s decision making.  The essence was that the money spent outside showed a difference in value of those people vs. our senior citizens.

My first response in a reply was that I would not forward it because there was no benefit.  It was all negative and I move away from negative at almost every chance I get.  Then I took a moment to reflect.  Why was this coming to me?  What is the message I am to get?  To continue to indulge in negative, repeating the same old story keeps us in the same old story mentality or state.   As like attracts like, we acquire more of what we focus on.  I wasn’t going to let that happen to me.

We are continually presented with stuff we don’t like.  The message we attach to it makes a difference as to whether we move forward or stay stuck.  I try to find meaning in this stuff and turn it into a positive perspective.

Focusing on problems doesn’t solve them.  Focusing on solutions does.  Where do we start?

In a reply to my sister I pointed out that we have as a society developed this concept that there are different values placed on people based upon what they do and the category in which they are placed.  We are taught that from the beginning days of life.  If we truly are going to change that in society, we must learn to value everyone’s gift equally.

One of the areas that seems to be relatively obvious is in the medical environment.  I’d like you to consider where I am coming from as an example of how silly this hierarchy really is.  Can you answer the question that follows?

Using a surgeon as a metaphor because of our perception of life and death:

Why should the top surgeon’s gift to healing be classified as more valuable than the gifts of:  the excavator operator who dug the hole for the foundation of the hospital; the mason who built the foundation; the brick layer who built the walls; the electrician who created the electrical network; the carpenter who built the rooms; the carpet layer who put the carpet down; the receptionist who takes the calls; the scientist who created the microscope; the technicians who created the MRI machine; the delivery man who brought the sutures; the scientist who created the disinfectant; the nurse that hands the surgeon the tools; the blood donor who provided the life saving blood; the farmer who provided the food and all the other gifts of equally created human beings that would take pages to define, that created the very environment that affords him to share his gift?

Many will say that he/she studied hard, went to school for so many years… etc.  Who supplied the gifts that allowed him to do that?  Who cut the trees to make the pulp to make the paper for someone to write on to put the study text in a book for the knowledge to be learned.  Who built the schools, who taught the classes, who cooked the meals in the cafeteria, who cleaned the floors?

Is there any chance that you had any part in it and continue to contribute in some way to society that enables another to share their gift?  We all need your gift no matter how direct or indirectly it relates to what we do or who we are.

Don’t sell yourself short.  Stop diminishing the value of you, our gift!

Be proud of the gift you offer and be in appreciation for the gifts you have right now in your life that enable you to get up in the morning, get through your day and let you sleep at night.

A special thank you to you for being a gift in my life!

I’d love to hear the gift of what you offer in the comments

Until next time….



Dan Carpenter

Dan lives in rural Ontario, Canada, helping people world-wide find the key to open their door of opportunity to create the dreams and life passions using strategic customized processes. With a diverse background in Coaching, Business, Consulting, Sport and Energy therapies, Dan creates an experience enabling others to enjoy abundance and share their gift to the world.

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