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Continuing on from the last post which dealt with having a bad day, this post will deal with the Law of Attraction on the opposite side, a good day.  Most people don’t take notice of this on a good day because we all seek happiness and joy. Anything that is going right just feels good and we just accept it.  The more we enjoy it, more good things come our way.

Sometimes we create our day not even knowing we are doing that.  We get up in the morning and just feel good and and pay no more attention to the extent that we actually go about our day adding more good feelings to it.  It spreads like wildfire.  When we go to the mall or the corner store or just for a walk, we tend to smile more at people and get a smile back.  We may or may not know them and we may or may not ever see them again and we usually don’t keep count.

The signal we are sending is a higher frequency vibration and attracts higher frequency vibrations back.  We tend to look for the good in people and in our surroundings.  We take in more of the beauty of old buildings, the weather even if it is not a grand day.  On a good day if it is raining, we tend to think well, the plants and grass need it and the farmers need it too.  If it is a sunny day, we pay more attention to the flowers, trees, birds etc. and even if we travelled that path before, we see something new or different.  We pay attention to the things that make us feel good. The law of attraction is working just as hard on these days to bring you more as it does on the bad days.

The difference between good and bad days.

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Dan Carpenter

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