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The Law of Attraction definition was in my last post.  This being the very first law, for the benefit of new viewers, this message will begin the explanation of what it really means.  Firstly, we, being an energy source, send vibrations or signals all the time through our thoughts and emotions.  When we are in a happy mood, the frequency of the vibration increases.  When we are in a sad or depressed or angry mood, the frequency of the vibration lowers, with anger being very low.

Consider the universal vibration similar to a mirror.  It reflects back to you, the same vibrational frequency you send it.  The universe has unlimited supply and will expand whatever vibration you send it.  With this knowledge, like a magnet, you will attract back to you 10 fold, the vibration you send.  This magnetism is the very one component of this lesson to understand.  The universe does not differentiate between bad or good, as those are your terms of reference to your belief system.  As a result, it only knows how to give plenty of your vibration in return.

Knowing this, be aware of what your moods are and what you think about.  Especially, when in your terms, it is not good.  The higher the degree of your emotional experience, the faster the magnetic response will be and in larger volume than your output.  When you are having a bad day, it usually gets worse as the day goes on and that is the mirrored reflection happening.  The more you focus on that first thing that went wrong, the more you will get.  As you complain to those around you, you increase the vibrational volume, not the frequency.  If you are looking to reduce the amount you will get in return for your bad start, the first thing you can do is stop complaining about it, or it will get worse.

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  1. Now this is a lot easier to understand then all the books I’ve read! Awesome!!

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