Why Me?

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Dec 172010

Why Me, we ask when undesirable circumstances hit?  Why does this happen to me all the time?  These statements trigger our brains to find answers.  Often we conclude, I am not good enough, or I can never be who I want to be or some other negative statement supporting the situation.  These are poor questions, that result in poor answers.

I watched a Victor Frankl short video regarding this.  His answer to the “Why Me?” question was, (paraphrasing here) some things happen in life and we find ourselves in situations not welcomed.  Within the Law of Attraction, it would be easy to say that we attracted it.  That answer still does not answer the question.  We are continually being called upon to grow and evolve and as humans, we have the will power to choose how we respond to these situations.

Many choose to have a pity party that lasts for a few moments or even days.  Others choose to stay at the party for a lifetime.  Which choices do you make?  Victor Frankl says that when we find meaning in the suffering, we move out of despair into growth and a new experience that takes unto an greater path.  Those of us who rise above, so to speak, go on to create more in our lives than average.  We find the ability to overcome obstacles, knowing that we have the power within to decide our destiny.

Understanding the Laws of Attraction, Creation, and Allowing, provides us with much better tools to make better decisions by asking better questions.  Seeking more fulfilling answers to the direction we choose to travel in life, makes the journey much more interesting.  I recently had the opportunity to listen to a gentleman named Noah St. John.  He created a solution to affirmations which rarely work.  Again staying in tune with the Laws of Attraction, he suggests taking the affirmations and turning them into valuable or quality questions.

Instead of ‘Why is this happening to me?’, the question should be: What is the meaning for me in this?  It is easy for our brains to come up with answers to why it is happening, those answers just justify the why.  The meaning is a different story.  The meaning will provide the opportunity for more, better quality questions and those answers will turn your life into an interesting direction.

Remember in any given situation, each of us who witness the same event will have a different take.  That perception is based on the filters with which we see the world around us.  There is no right or wrong take.  Just different.  What we do with that perception, or how we respond to the event, will determine where we go from here.  Be deliberate when asking “Why Me?” that you follow up with the question,  “What is the meaning in this for me?”

Christmas is upon us.  While we wish everyone a Joyous, Peaceful and Blessed season, events do not take vacations.  Events will happen.  Be sure to be careful in the meaning you attach to those events that you don’t spend a lifetime at a pity party.

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Dan Carpenter

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