Mar 012009

Your fountain of youth lies within, rather than ‘out there’.  I just did a Google search for this topic and there were 1,470,000 references.  Scientists have declared on one blog site that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that the pills and meds on the market today actually reverse aging.  It is a mystery why so many people fall for the ads that trick them into the investment.  Surely there is hope for greater longevity, and the possibility is real.  The probability is another story.

There are many people who have found their fountain of youth though.  It is their inner being’s outlook on life itself.  When we begin to be more aware of our daily thoughts and deliberately change our mindset to a more youthful one through laughter, joy and peace, that miraculous fountain begins to appear.  We feel like we can do anything, well almost, and we appreciate life a whole lot more.  Everywhere we look we find bliss.  When we can celebrate difference rather than becoming repulsed, we lighten our hearts and our stresses.  Its good for the soul.  We all look at the world through different eyes.  Our mind’s eye is what feeds the soul.  When we can look at something out of the ordinary, and take a pleasing curiosity, we can begin to celebrate that.

You can’t find your fountain of youth when you look at that something out of the ordinary and attach negative tones.  If we look at those “ugly” things as “hmmm thats different, I wonder how it got that way?” or “what hidden beauty is this trying to show?” we can begin to appreciate the differences and then with practice, celebrate them.  On the way to town there is an old shake shingle house and its roof is sagging in the centre.  At one time it was someone’s home, and although it has curtains on the windows, I have never seen anyone living there.  The cedar shakes are blackened with the weather over the years and it is quite quaint.  Each time I drive by I wonder, if the walls could talk, what stories would it tell.

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Dan Carpenter

Dan lives in rural Ontario, Canada, helping people world-wide find the key to open their door of opportunity to create the dreams and life passions using strategic customized processes. With a diverse background in Coaching, Business, Consulting, Sport and Energy therapies, Dan creates an experience enabling others to enjoy abundance and share their gift to the world.

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